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As the Susesi Luxury Resort Hotel family, we act with the conviction that  'Every job performed with passion, pays off'. Each day, we are proud to provide impeccable, memorable services for our guests.

As the Susesi Luxury Resort team, we believe that all our guests are entitled to quality of life, quality of dining and a great holiday. Our services are about superior quality, rather than grandiosity or ostentation.

We believe that authentic luxury is based on genuine comfort and attraction, rather than exaggeration or pretension.



One of the best ways to enjoy life is to lead an active life. To meet the needs of our guests who want to transform their life into a fun, moving, sporty and healthy festival, we offer dozens of activities, in many different categories, accompanied by our instructors.

If you want to be energetic and fit, you can participate in the activities we have prepared for you under the supervision of our professional trainers - at the beach, at the pool, or at sea.

All kinds of sports and activities, from beach volleyball to squash, from yoga and Pilates to water sports, are waiting for you within the borders of Susesi Luxury Resort.

We offer numerous options…

Mini Football, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Squash, Pilates, Darts, Boccia, Pool Gymnastics and Games, Dance Courses, Step Aerobics, Zumba, Tennis, Water Sports, Basketball, Fitness

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