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The World Universities Championship is a football tournament set to be played on the host city of Antalya on April 2020 with many universities from around the world set to compete.

While participating on the tournament, the universities will be statistically analyzed to enhance the learning experience, these statistics include the teams' pass success, shoot accuracy, corner kick accuracy and running statistics. With an emphasis on generating experiences, the championship will also feature end-of-match interviews and live match streaming to make the so the teams feel like they are as close to a pro-level tournament as it can get.

At the end of the championship the best players will be named as part of the squad of the tournament.

This championship offers an environment where the teams can take part in the tournament, train and prepare for their games with all of the commodities that are offered by the tournament´s allied hotels. These hotels also ensure that the players can  take a vacation and get to discover all of the things that the host city has to offer with a guide set to help the universities with everything they need to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

Start date: The tournament will start on the 2nd week of April (10-23 April)

Duration: 2 weeks.

Cost 65 £

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This tournament is provided by Behçet Baki, who has participated in many camps and  tournaments in Antalya with the use of a FIFA match agent license.

This event was also organised by official FIFA match agent Behcet Baki. For more information click the link

                                                      WUC IS MORE THAN A TOURNAMENT

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